I am thrilled to be the director for this Fall’s first production, Antigone Now. This 40 minute One Act captures some of the most essential questions we face as humans in our daily life: What does it mean to be loyal? What do we do when the law challenges our own personal beliefs? How important is standing up for what you believe in? The trials the sisters, Antigone and Ismene, face in this production are deeply personal for me, as I have faced with similar struggles growing up with an identical twin sister. Each other’s inherent best friends, we would constantly find ourselves sticking up for the other’s actions, despite having tried to talk some sense into them the day before. Although their sisterly relationship can be tense at moments, the love Antigone and Ismene hold for one another is palpable.


Director's Note - Antigone Now 

By: Elizabeth Mignacca | October 29, 2018

Plagued by personal demons and an incredibly fraught family history, Antigone seems compelled to hold on to any last vestige of honor for her family that she can, no matter what punishment looms in front of her for doing so. When the girls’ uncle, Creon, becomes King, he must do what he personally believes is right for the wellbeing of the city, but his version of ‘right’ clearly conflicts with Antigone’s personal truths.


Taking place in a post-apocalyptic Americana, Antigone Now illustrates the effect of war on society and the people that must pick up during the aftermath. Although both Antigone and Ismene’s brothers perish in the war, because they fought on different sides, they are viewed differently by society and their deaths are treated as such. Creon prescribes capital punishment as a consequence for burying the ‘traitor’ brother, but Antigone would bury and honor both brothers if the choice were solely left up to her. Eventually that conflict comes to a head, and dire consequences ensue, leaving the audience with that essential question of “does absolute power corrupt absolutely?”


This is an amazingly packaged modern rendition of the greek classic, Antigone. Containing all the same timeless philosophical questions, our cast delivers the story to you complete with a greek chorus to represent the ever-changing ideals of the city’s conscience. Overall, I love the shows themes and motifs as they constantly leave me contemplating the world in gradients; Rather than focusing on the simplistic view of something purely being right or wrong, this show challenges me to see the perspectives that lay in between each decision the characters make, and it makes me appreciate the thought-provoking and beautifully constructed play that Melissa Cooper made all the more.


As we embark to make our program bigger, I have enjoyed instituting double casting into our curriculum. At the end of the day, my goal is to give students as many opportunities on and around the stage as possible, so that their learning grows exponentially throughout their years in the theatre program. As always, a show is only possible with the maximum effort of everyone in the creative team. I am beyond thankful for the wonderful work each student has put in, and to see them grow as actors on stage and tackle such multi-dimensional character with such love, is all the validation I need to start my day feeling happy, grateful, and blessed.Thank you to Ms. Correia for her support during the school days, many thanks to all the parents who have supported their kids endeavoring to explore something bigger than themselves in the Fine Arts, and thank you to the endless support of the school. Please enjoy, Antigone Now.

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