Little Women 

December 17, 2018

Written by: Linda Hill 

The theater doors still had an hour to open and hopeful attendees flocked to the ticket booth. "Are there any ticket left for tonight's show?" asked a women hoping to catch a seat at the charming musical about the four March sisters, Little Women. And rightfully so. The hours of after school dedication to rehersals, the sore throats from hours of singing and practicing, these American Heritage High School students know a thing or two about sacrifice and hard work. 

"I don't know how they do it and still manage to get good grades" mentions a man standing in line who had been invited to go watch his niece perform. 

Backstage before the show, it was all nerves and excitement. Fixing last minute costume mishaps, violin string pops and making sure not to sit on the all too still fresh wet paint. With 35 show nights per year, American Heritage Boca/Delray is a continuous ever changing blur or entertainment fit into a single school season. 

After introductions, as the curtains drew open, state winning student concert master Brianna Kahane and accolade winner Phidela Cheng played violin alongside professional accompanist Phil Hinton as they helped narrate the show with their musical mastery.

The cast members bounded across the stage with impressive and polished dialogue. The scenes meticulously transported  the audience through the lives of each March girl and those closest to them. Not an emotion was missed; sadness, to joy, to love, rejection, to dealing with difficult situations and trying times. 

They train like professionals, sing like professionals and rightfully so with the guidance of Director's Elizabeth Mignacca and American Heritage's newest addition: Ms. Elena Correia, a previous Julliard student. 

"I am thrilled to be the director for this Fall’s musical, Little Women. A charmingly powerful show, Little Women puts in musical form Louisa May Alcott’s beloved story of the four March sisters and their resilient mother during the Civil War era. Told mainly through the eyes of the spunky, vivacious and tomboyish Jo March, we get to live through both her real and imagined adventures as she navigates a world unaccustomed to women striving for unconventional life journeys such as becoming a published author. In this beautifully rich production, we fall in love with the Jo’s oldest sister & romantic-at-heart, Meg, her angelic sister Beth, and her irascible, yet playful sister Amy. Throughout the play, the girls lean on the strength of their mother, Marmee, as they wait for their father, who is away fighting in the Civil War, to return home again." E. Mignacca 

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