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By: Linda Hill | October 29, 2018

This 2018-2019 season we build on the central theme of celebrating remarkable theater. There are certainly plenty of performances this year which highlight the range of feelings and emotions that come with. What unites them, though is the profound impact they're making on the environment in which they operate. American Heritage School's theater program is redefining what it means to be an Actor at school. "Theater at our school opens a lot of opportunities for these students to get out of their routine and enjoy" explains Fine Arts Director Brad Tremper. "They use characters to color a picture of life in another world. They are here, making a difference and their performances create awareness of real life situations" As the the Fine Arts Director for American Heritage School for over 20 years,

Mr. Tremper believes the arts are a significant component in the education of every student, and that the arts create bridges for our students between our greater local and global community.

During lunch period, Theater students bound up the tile steps of the Fine Arts building to congregate in their usual spot, talking loudly, singing, laughing and helping each other run through lines. Mrs. Mignacca, High School Theater Teacher who is spearheading this year's High School Season cited many benefits of bringing children together through acting. She sees the future audiences growing sensitive to quality acting and shows. "This program redefines what it means to be part of theater. We are not only providing a space for these children to articulate how they feel, we are providing a space where audiences can tune into their own feelings and be taken somewhere else as well " And indeed the result has become a fabric of the school. A beautiful fabric of different cultures, talents, and acceptances and the sharing of emotions and outlets.

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